Most of the crowd that comes to Bangalore for the purpose of leisure or business prefers to stay near the Bangalore International Airport for convenience. Staying near the airport will eliminate the dreaded journey fuelled by traffic to the airport on your way back. Even though there are quite a budget hotels and budget service apartments in Bangalore, the options thin down when we get near the airport. The properties that are actually near the airport are either too expensive or just not right.  So how do you find the best accommodation for the cheapest price near Bangalore airport? Allow us to tell you.

How to book the cheapest accommodation near the airport?

In all honesty, booking hotels or service apartments near Bangalore International airport isn’t all that hard. All it takes is a few tips and tricks. Implement the following steps before you book a property near the airport for your stay in Bangalore.

  • Book ahead- One of the best ways to get the cheapest rate on the property is by booking it much earlier. Booking your property months prior to your stay will save you a couple of hundred bucks per every night.
  • Use hotel booking websites- Some people crib about the high rates charged by hotels but that is mostly because they book it on the hotel website. There are several hotel booking websites in the market that offer a much cheaper rate than the hotels itself.
  • Choose an apartment hotel- There are quite a few apartment hotels in Bangalore right near the airport that is much cheaper than any luxury hotel in Bangalore. They are not only cheaper but they offer better amenities than a hotel.
  • Call up the property- The rates you find on the net might not be true all the time. Certain hotels offer a discount on the tariff during off seasons or for guests who are staying for a longer duration. These things are usually not mentioned on the web. Calling up the hotel directly and enquiring about the same can get you a cheaper rate.
  • Use offers- Some hotel booking websites have a special offer where in you get a free night’s stay if you stay for two or more days. These offers are a blessing for long staying guests as it will save them quite a huge amount on the booking.