Who doesn’t love hacks? Hacks help you get through life much easier. Everyone can use hacks especially people who are always on the go. Being someone who is always on business trips is not easy. Hence, we have come up with a list of travel and hotel hacks that you can use while you are on your business trips. Some of these hacks can be used at our service apartment near Manyata Tech Park. These hacks are not only easy but will save you a lot of resources while travelling.

The hacks that we are going to mention might be designed for business travellers but can be used by anyone. These hacks can be used in all kinds of accommodation including hotels, apartment hotels, and short stay apartments in Bangalore.

Business trip travel and hotel hacks!

Listed below are some of the best travel and hotel hacks for business trips:

  • Download the airline application- Pretty much all the airlines have their own applications that you can download on your tablets and phones. These apps help you keep track of your flights and check-in early, and offer various other benefits. It’s also better to book directly through the airlines as cancellation is easier.
  • Reached the hotel early?- There might have been times when you reached the hotel before check in time and had to wait. The next time, instead of waiting, make use of the time. Get fresh in the common bathroom in the lobby, get some breakfast and start your day. Not in the mood to eat? How about connecting to the hotel WiFi and watching something or starting early on your business commitments?
  • Stay healthy on your trip- Yes working out and keeping a good diet are the two best ways to stay healthy. But it is hard to do both when you are travelling, the main culprit being all the hotel food. The best way to avoid all the unnecessary pounds while on a trip is to cook for yourself. Choose a hotel room with a small kitchen in it or a service apartment with a kitchenette so that you can cook healthy food.
  • Upgrade easily- Did you know you could upgrade to a better room than the one you booked by just asking? Yes, it’s true. Most of the hotels let you upgrade for no charge if you just make a simple request. But this is applicable only when the place is not booked and there are quite a few rooms available.
  • Befriend the hotel staff- Did you know that befriending the hotel staff makes your stay much more pleasant? Yes, being nice and polite to the hotel staff pays off. Not only will they be more than willing to accommodate your requests but they will do it with a smile.
  • Entertainment for no cost- Most of the hotels have pretty slow wifi so it’s hard to watch anything online. The best thing to do in such cases is to start streaming early. Put your favourite show or movie on stream when you go out, come back and watch it.