Apartment hotels are the new thing in the real estate market. As the name suggests, these kind of properties offer the convenience and services of an apartment and hotel respectively. This kind of a property is a very interesting concept and quite light on the pocket. They are best suited for those who want a bit of homely comfort while they are staying outside away from home, more often that long term travellers who come to different cities for the purpose of business or leisure. There are quite a few similar properties in Bangalore that are slowly gaining popularity, especially Apartment Hotels near Hebbal. If you are unaware of what an apartment hotel is or what makes a good apartment hotel, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the information you need.

What are apartment hotels? What makes a good apartment hotel?

Like we already mentioned, apartment hotels aren’t exactly an alien concept in Bangalore and there are quite a few Apartment hotels near Sahakar Nagar, Hebbal, and Bangalore international airport. But some might still be unaware of what these properties are and what makes such a property a good one.

An apartment hotel is similar to a hotel except that it has few of the amenities found in an apartment such as a living area, dining area, sit out, and a kitchenette. Usually in an apartment hotel, these areas are shared by other guests at the hotel while you get the entire bedroom and bathroom for yourself. A kitchenette is similar to a kitchen except that it is not that well equipped. A kitchenette usually has a microwave, a stove, fridge and a few utensils. Though it is not as extensive as a normal kitchen, it will suffice in case you want to cook a meal that does not require fancy cooking equipments.

What makes a good apartment hotel?

A good apartment hotel will have all the above mentioned amenities and offer good accommodation as well. There are several prerequisites for a good apartment hotel:

  • A good apartment hotel should have a living room, dining room, and a kitchenette even if it is a shared space.
  • The property should be available to both business and leisure guests.
  • The property should be at a strategic location.
  • The staff should be helpful in case the guest need to order groceries to cook in the kitchenette.
    It should be reasonably priced.

A property that fulfills the above mentioned criteria is Hoppers Stop in Jakkur and Yelahanka. These properties make the perfect place for short and long stays.