The concept of apartment hotel in Bangalore  is still quite new and even though there are a few apartment hotels in Bangalore, not many are aware of it. Apartment hotels actually make for excellent properties for long and short stays because of the convenience that they offer and our apartment hotel near Sahakar Nagar is no different

For those of you who are not aware of what an apartment hotel is, it is a property that offers the accommodation of a hotel and the amenities of an apartment. Coming to how an apartment hotel is different from a hotel, the latter just offers a room with an attached bathroom with at most a coffee percolator in the room. But an apartment hotel usually comes with a shared living area and dining area along with a kitchenette where the guests can cook for themselves.

These properties will not only make you feel at home and are incredibly convenient but they are also quite easy on the pocket for the amenities it offers. Read on to know more about what it is like to stay at an apartment hotel.

What is it like staying at an apartment hotel?

  • Rooms- If you want to feel at home, this is where it all starts. It is very important that the hotel rooms make comfort a priority and that is exactly what apartment hotel do. The rooms at apartment hotels are very comfortable with clean bedding and blankets. This does not mean that they fall back on design and interiors. These rooms have a good balance of design and comfort.
  • Living area- Apartment hotels usually come with either a private living area or a shared one. The shared living room is usually common for two or three rooms and has separate entrances from each room. Guests can relax with their friends in this living space, spend time by themself or interact with other guests.
  • Dining area- Our apartment hotel near GKVK has a common dining room where guests can dine. This dining room overlooks the city and is the perfect place to dine at if you do not want to eat at the in house restaurant or in your room. Just ring in room service, order food from the restaurant, and eat it in the dining room.
  • Cooking- All apartment hotels come with a fully functional kitchenette where the guests can cook their own meals. Hoppers stop also has a common kitchenette which is available to long staying guests. Guests can get groceries or request the staff to help them order groceries and cook in the kitchenette.